Jailed Afghan Rape Victim Freed

An Afghan woman jailed for adultery after a relative raped was released after President Hamid Karzai intervened on his behalf.

The woman, identified only as Gulnaz for his own protection, was sentenced to prison for 12 years after it was reported that the husband of his cousin, had raped her two years ago. Wednesday, she was free, in a women's shelter in Kabul, with her daughter.

His fate has attracted international attention when the European Union blocked the broadcast of a documentary about his ordeal, saying it would further jeopardize his safety.

Afghan Justice Minister Habibullah Ghaleb and a panel of judges at once offered a pardon. Karzai then ordered the authorities to release the decree of Gulnaz.
After the attack two years ago, what happened Gulnaz hidden as long as she could. She was afraid of retaliation. But soon she began to vomit in the morning and showing signs of pregnancy. He was the child of her attacker.

In Afghanistan, this introduced her not concern, but justice. She was discovered accountable by the judges of sex outside of wedding -- infidelity -- and sentenced to 12 decades in arrest. She was only 19.

In careful Afghan group, Gulnaz people significant stress to wed her enemy, thereby relaxing the rift between the two loved ones members, rejuvenating her recognition and also legitimizing her child.
She was willing to do so to be able to end her prison time, she informed CNN last 30 days from Kabul's Badam Bagh arrest, though she does not want that choice. She would like to wed an knowledgeable man, according to U.S. lawyer Kimberly Motley in Kabul.

How Gulnaz will be able to re-assimilate into the lifestyle she once had is still a complicated concern.
Her alternatives are marked. Females in her circumstance are often murdered for the waste their experience has gotten the group. She could still be at possibility, some say, from her assailant's loved ones.

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