Girlfriend Who Hid Mac 10 Machine Gun Hours After It Was Used In Fatal Shooting Is Jailed For Five Years

A prison has been accused of murdering his former girlfriend, who hid hours after the semi-automatic rifle that was used in the fatal shooting of five years.

Passed to Legister Shevonne, 21 years old, in the wake of the killing - in the "spray and pray" Mac 10 - which was wrapped in a nightdress child, and was hidden in a bag.

Has been shooting victim Larry Malone (24 years), seven times before the gun jammed while he was sitting on a sofa in his aunt's house in West Norwood, south London.

Legister was said to have then been presented with down the gun by her partner Lemuel Johnson, 27, and believed other company member Tim Corner, 28.

The two men were found guilty of owning a disallowed gun in July, but removed of killing Mr Malone.
On July 4 2009, the day after the hard, investigators followed Legister as she took taxis cab from her home in Western side Norwood, South Manchester, and met a white van in regional Anerley Park.

She presented with down the backpack, now concealed in a JD Athletics service provider bag, to Dino Rouillon, before authorities swooped and caught the duo, the the courtroom observed.
Rouillon was locked up for five decades and nine several weeks.

But forensic investigators were incapable to uncover any finger prints or DNA on the gun.
Legister said owning a disallowed gun and rounds but declined understanding the system had been used in the eliminating.

She was found guilty of aiding an prison during the test at the Old Bailey, but removed of enjoying the hard.
Shubiah Linton, 28, of no resolved deal with, was removed of similar costs. He had been charged of having assisted organize the handover of the gun by Legister to Rouillon.
Prosecutor Tim Edis informed jurors that the gunmen behind the eliminating realized ballistic professionals would be able to be connected the system to the principal points at the hard world.
'You need to be awfully cautious with what you do with a gun after a hard,' he said.

'If you are the type of legal who commits this type of hard, then you also want to create sure that it is available for use later.

'The claim against Ms Legister is she performed an essential, essential, part in placing that strategy into impact.'

He added: "There was a need for a complicated process of criminal use of people who were less likely to attract the attention of the police.

"If you are going to go to that every problem to prevent the police to discover you are involved with this firearm, you are going to trust that with someone who did not sign up fully to the plan?

"Are you going to risk this person unzipping the bag and call the police? No, you are only going to give it to someone you can trust - otherwise this whole process will collapse all the curiosity of idle young woman."
Legister prison for five years today, Judge Gerald Gordon said: "We are in some stage you know what are the items that have been.

'No people like Robertson and the Red Cross does not want to have a lot of knowledge, but there is very strong evidence you expect a gun.

"I am not satisfied you are aware of the weapon was used in the murder. Accept used to you, but I do not accept coercion."

Robinson and imprisonment of Colchester in Essex, and the Cross, and Sutton in Surrey, for 10 years and 11 and a half years respectively for possession of arms.
One was convicted of the murder of Mr. Malone.

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