US Admits Mistakes Over Killings Of Pakistan Troops

A report said US and Afghan soldiers were in self support, but admitted there had been a insufficient appropriate co-ordination with Pakistani makes.

Report say the entrance is estimated to humiliate the US army.

In retaliation for the deaths, Pakistan has shut its boundary with Afghanistan, reducing North athlantic treaty organisation provide collections.

There was no immediate reply from Pakistan to the results of the US research. Pakistan, a important lover in the combat against militants in the location, has desired a appropriate US apology.

'Incorrect mapping'
In the report the US once again stated its inner rue for the "tragic lack of life" due to the air reach in Mohmand tribe organization on 26 Nov.

"Inadequate co-ordination by US and Pakistani army authorities managing through the boundary co-ordination hub - such as our dependancy on wrong applying information told the Pakistani contact specialist - led to a misconception about the real place of Pakistani army models," it said.

"This, as well as other holes in information about the actions and keeping models from both factors, provided to the terrible result."

According to a review in the Wall Road Paper with more information, US and Afghan commando created a sequence of faults on 26 Nov.

They inappropriately determined there were no Pakistani makes in the Afghan boundary place where the coalition was performing an function - which removed the way for a North athlantic treaty organisation air reach that ruined Pakistani opportunities.

After the preliminary reach, the US complicated its error by supplying wrong data to a Pakistani army consultant at a boundary co-ordination hub, losing an opportunity to stop the dealing with.

The review says the 150-man US and Afghan commando group came under assault from opportunities along a form. The group wanted a show of power from the air, mistakenly comprehension from a r / c indication from North athlantic treaty organisation that there were no Pakistani army in the place.

Later, another error was created when a US army consultant in southern Afghanistan offered common co-ordinates for the combat to Pakistani officials. They were later submitted on inappropriately, major the Pakistanis to end that the combat was almost nine distance away from its real place.

Pakistani authorities have declined that their soldiers on the form started out fireplace first on the commando.

Furious response
The BBC's Caroline Wyatt in Kabul says this indicates that North athlantic treaty organisation authorities did not notify Pakistan of the function in advance, after concerns that the Pakistani army were dripping information to insurgents.

Pakistan reacted intensely to the fatalities of its soldiers.

As well as concluding its boundary with Afghanistan, which North athlantic treaty organisation will depend on to a great extent for supply of petrol, rounds and other materials, it also declined to go to the Bonn convention on Afghanistan recently.

The US authorities has so far declined to apologise to Pakistan for the fatalities, although Oregon has continuously stated its condolences for the dying.

"Our concentrate now is to learn from these faults," the Office of Immunity report said.

"More seriously, we must work to develop the level of have confidence in between our two nations around the world. We earnestly trust the Pakistani army will become a member of us in linking that gap."

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