Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Offers Impossible Level Of Vehicle Personalization

Toyota was released their advanced Fun-Vii (vehicle, involved, internet) idea just before Seattle Engine Show, where they will also discover a fuel-cell idea, and a few other multiple and planet. The Fun-Vii is sketching reviews to a large smart phone because of its shiny dark-colored outside, which increases as a full-wrap present similar to an iPhone's touchscreen present.

Just as you can easily change the historical past on your PC or mobile system, Toyota says you can personalize both the outside and inside of the Fun-Vii with any graphic, "[allowing] the complete car to operate as a fatal for showing information or other information."

Toyota also toys and games with the thoughts of increased actuality (AR) and vehicle-to-vehicle interaction in the Fun-Vii concept--a all-natural fit given the prospective to present details throughout the complete inside. Suppose, as you generate, attractions are recognized via a visual overlay on your window, or generating ways are planned out before your very face. This would help a motorist experience both advised and in management, even when generating through a location they've never frequented before.

Of course, this is all still very sci-fi and not anything that you should assume to see on the roads soon, if ever. Toyota says the Fun-Vii is a "concept car that heralds a not-too-distant upcoming," but we think that's a bit beneficial. Not only would the price of such big present models be high, we also can't consider how Toyota could make a car out of these elements while keeping protection and design factors. But, as present technological innovation changes, who knows what the long run may carry.

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