Calif. Prison Psychologist Accused Of Faking Rape

She break up her own lip with a pin, crawled her knuckles with sand paper and had her companion impact her in the experience. Detectives say she even attractive start her shirt, then wet her jeans to provide the physical overall look she had been broken deep rooted.

But it was all element of what specialists said Exclusive was an detailed scam by the lady to persuade her man she was raped so they could switch to a better community.

Charges submitted by the Sacramento Nation da claim Laurie Ann Martinez, a jail psycho therapist, conspired with the companion to make the physical overall look that she was usual, conned and raped by a unfamiliar person in May in her Sacramento home.

Martinez, her companion and two co-workers gradually informed law enforcement the whole element was a make to persuade Martinez's man that they required to switch from a blighted, high-crime place three distance south of the condition Capitol.

It didn't work. Instead, the pair submitted for separation and divorce six months after the May 10 occurrence, according to the courtroom public information.

"If all you want to do is move, and there are other ways of starting the process of robbery and rape," said Sacramento Police Sgt. Andrew Petit. "I went to great lengths to make this seem real."
Authorities said Martinez (36 years), a psychologist for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said she came to the house on that day you find a stranger in her kitchen.
"As I tried to run away, defendant grabbed her and hit her in the face," court records say in the description of what was said by the police. "I lost consciousness and when I woke up and found her pants and underwear down to the ankles and pulled her."
Missing from her home and two laptop computers, purse Martinez, video game console Xbox, camera, credit cards, the many strange and said Martinez had stolen.
In fact, all the elements in the home of her friend Nicole Snyder in April, authorities allege. Investigators say Martinez Snyder punch in the face with boxing gloves they bought for this purpose.
Martinez started crying hysterical when police arrived, according to court papers.

Snyder, 33, is energized with the same fringe movement number, and a cause has been granted for her detain. Shelly Orio, a speaker for the section legal workplace, said she had no hint that Snyder has kept an lawyer.

If found guilty of fringe movement, each lady people up to three years in jail, Orio said.

Police detectives and criminal offenses world detectives used 100s of a long time on the situation, until one of Martinez's jail co-workers came ahead to say Martinez had been discussing at work about cheating a criminal offenses at her home to influence her man to switch, Pettit said.

"It doesn't sit well for other females who really are subjects, sobbing hair," Pettit said.

Martinez had been a psycho therapist managing other psychological health staff dealing with prisoners at Florida Condition Penitentiary, Sacramento, said workplace speaker Terry Thornton. The jail 20 distance eastern of Sacramento was the world this few days of a attack among more than 150 prisoners that sent 11 prisoners to outside nursing homes.

Thornton said Martinez was rerouted to the division's head workplace in May, when the research started, and has had no get in touch with with prisoners since then. Thornton said the workplace also is running its own research.

Martinez did not instantly come back an e-mailed demand for thoughts eventually available Thornton.

Robert Kahane, management specialist of the Florida Panel of Therapy, said Martinez's certificate currently is legitimate. However, "we will work hard to guarantee immediate and ongoing customer security as swiftly as possible," he said.

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