B.G. Pleads Guilty to Felony Gun Charge, Witness Tampering

Former Hot Young children artist B.G. asked for forgiveness accountable to legal items control costs and experience tampering on Friday day (Dec. 7).

The 31-year-old former New Orleans MC, created Captain christopher Dorsey, was ripped over for a traffic breach last year, when law enforcement found three handguns, several packed newspapers, prolonged segments and medication inside his Chevrolet Lake tahoe. According to a document by Nola.com, the former Lil John connect, who was a felon at the time of his detain, then conspired to persuade other traveler, Demounde Pollard, then 17, to indication an affidavit professing the weapons were his. The detain was Dorsey's 4th of the season.

The 'Bling Bling' artist performed a different track in court last night, however. Experiencing a jail bid of up to 40 years, he said his shame, copping to control of the items and experience tampering. Prosecutors described that there is no request contract in place; this indicates that Dorsey has declined to work with the justice, who have linked him to several infamous New Orleans criminal offenses results.

"I never snitch, never tell, if the regulations come and get me, I'm want to sit my ass in arrest," B.G. raps on his new monitor 'I Ain't Tellin'.' "I don't chat on the cellphone, 'less I'm talkin' to bitches."

"I know what comes behind what I do," B.G. told MTV, again last year, regarding his situation. "I know the repercussions and repercussions of what comes behind it. Where I'm from, it's just like, that first attract is a muthaf---a, the principal points seeing out the sky. It's like that for actual. It's a hard investment finance. They losing like travels. I remain in the and surrounding suburbs. All my others who live nearby are white-colored and sportsmen and physicians and dental practitioners."

"I lay my go there, but when I get up in the day, I have to go to the assignments and get some grits and mozerella and cash and make," he ongoing. "It's just something about that 'hood. I should publish up and sit on the patio and get my wild hair braided. I'm just 'hood."

B.G.'s sentencing time frame is Goal 14, 2012. His most latest project, 'Too Cover 2 Be Hollywood' was launched last year on Ocean Information.

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